The power to manage your accessories safely

Specifically designed for the:

BMW R1200 LC & K1600

This accessory manager for the BMW's R1200 liquid cooled series & K1600 lets you add and configure accessories with ease and without cutting any wires. It's simple and easy to fit additional lights, an air horn, accessories and emergency brake lights that make the bike safer to ride.


Key features

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • One switch manages everything
  • Integrates additional safety features
  • Does not void warranty
  • Plugs directly into CAN-Bus (saves time)
  • Unobtrusive - fits perfectly under the seat
  • Easy configuration of software via USB (Mac and Windows PC)
  • Four individually fused channels


Specifications and components

  1. Waterproof micro USB connector
  2. Battery connection and fuse
  3. Two CAN-Bus connectors
  4. Two high-power outputs (10A continuous / 25A, max 20 seconds)
  5. Two low-power outputs (4A continuous)

Product size 55 x 30 x 16mm (2,2 x 1,2 x 0,6")



Easy installation

  1. Download and install the HEX ezCAN software
  2. Install the ezCAN under the seat (Velcro included)
  3. Route and connect the ezCAN battery cables
  4. Plug the ezCAN into the motorcycle CAN-Bus
  5. Plug accessories into the ezCAN
  6. Use the software to configure the ezCAN via USB (Mac or Windows PC)


The HEX ezCAN software is available for both Mac and Windows PC and is used via a micro USB cable, which is included in the package. Use Channel Mapping to select your preferred configuration. The Configuration window then lets you customise the behaviour of your accessories according to CAN-Bus inputs, for example setting up an emergency brake light to flash when the ezCAN detects harsh deceleration or the LEDs to flash when the air horn is activated. Accessory/Ignition supply can be set to remain on for a specific time after the ignition is turned off.

Configure your accessories using this window.



Choose the channel map for the accessories you want to install

 Contents of package

  1. HEX ezCAN device
  2. Micro USB cable
  3. Two Velcro strips
  4. Four cable ties
  5. Four stub connectors
  6. Two blank connectors

Designed for BMW R1200 LC and K1600

Compatibility to be expanded to other models and manufacturers

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